Tan Zhuzhuang brand bamboo fiber, bamboo yarn,bamboo textile and finished prosucts have the following advanteges:

1.Naturally antibacteria£º£º
After bamboo fiber sample was spread to Japan, It was validated bamboo fiber has the function of anti-bacteria. Bacteria will propagate rapidly in cotton and wooden fiber, but it'll bekilled 75% in bamboo fiber. Validated by National textile Inspection Association and Shanghai Microorganism Research Institute, It has the naturally antibacteria function. It's the most ideal choice for materials to make protection suits.

2. moisture absorption and ventilating

Bamboo fiber horizontal cross-section has abounded with the gap of size that can be absorbing and evaporate the moisture in instant.The ability of moisture absorption is 3 time as cotton. As bamboo fiber has special structures and natural ¡°hollow¡± in the horizontal cross- sections, experts named bamboo fibre the " breathing " fabric.The ability of moisture absorption and ventilating put the head of other fibers. It feels cool in summer and warn in winter.

3.Soft and Smooth¡¡
Bamboo fiber has the character of high strength and abrasion performance ,good moisture regain and top drape, softness handle, cool and comfortable wearing ability ,good dyeing ability , luster brilliant than cotton fiber.

4. Natural and Health Keep£º
It has been expouded in that bamboo has various medical functon and can be used as Chinese Medicine. The compoud materail in Bamboo element can disinfect detrimetal substance in human' body. It can surely elevate human' immunity capacity. And it'll anti fatigue,take beauty care and keep young.

5.Antivermin and defence smelly performance£º
Bamboo fiber bamboo is cellulose drew by natural bamboo. It has the character of unique antibacterial, defence smelly performance and fine coloration. It won't does any excitement to skin.

With the above advantages of bamboo fiber, It gives the the unique function to underware and other textile. It leads the life of enviromental and healthy fashion style.

Tan Zhuzhuang Bamboo Fiber Manufacturer