Bamboo is a kind of revival grass, It only takes 3-5 years to plant. AnJi has one million mu of bamboo forest, among those,20 million sticks are commodity bamboo. How to use bamboo as soft fabric material instead of cotton? How to use bamboo in textile industry? Technicians in AnJi have been in the study of the problems since 1997.

After years of hard work, We have learned that bamboo fiber is made up of the bamboo cellulose drew by natural bamboo. It has the character of unique antibacterial defence smelly performance, fine coloration,kick back , drapability,wearability and antibacterialness etc. especially the ability of moisture absorption and ventilating put the head of other fibers.

Bamboo fiber horizontal cross-section has abounded with the gap of size that can be absorbing and evaporate the moisture in instant. Putting on the clothing which manufactured with the fibre fabric system in hot summer, it makes us feel especially cool. As bamboo fiber has special structures and natural ¡°hollow¡± in the horizontal cross- sections, experts named bamboo fiber the " breathing " fabric. At the same time, It still has characteristic of touching soft, dressing comfortably, smooth, good drapability etc. Additionally the wearability and strength of this surface fabric are all very good. Used in the knitted underwear, T¨Cshirt , the bed clothes woven by machine,etc.
Bamboo fiber is the most genuine environmental protection fiber, The gloss of fibre is bright and beautiful.The fiber does not contain any chemical additive. The manufacture system is absolutely taking physical processing method such as steaming and boiling etc. It's an ecotype fiber in deed.

Tan Zhuzhuang Bamboo Fiber Manufacturer